Job Opportunities


Our business activities in DCS Information Technology Consultants Limited are focused on private and public corporations and cover all aspects of the “IT value chain”:
  • Analysis
    We analyze operational specifications and use the results to create informational - computerized models.
  • Consultancy
    We provide professional consulting services, which are the basis for offering customized IT solutions and high quality products.
  • Development
    We develop IT solutions (software, standard services, research products - used to provide commercial oriented solutions).
  • Installation
    We install and configure administrative systems, software applications and hardware.
  • Integration
    We specialize in the technical side of systems integration, connecting different solutions and IT material - «blended» into a functioning, unified whole.
  • Implementation
    We implement business IT solutions - fully matching every customer’s needs.
  • Operations
    We offer applied IT solution management services - to the benefit of our customers.
  • Maintenance
    We provide IT system and hardware maintenance.
  • Product supply
    We provide high-quality labeled IT products.

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