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If a customer experiences a technical problem or has questions concerning the use of an IT system, it is critical to the customer that this it dealt with efficiently and professionally and as fast as possible. Errors in IT systems slow down the work process and quickly mean extra costs to the customer. Help has to be at hand and therefore DCS's Help Desk is open.

Our Help Desk aims to provide the very best of support for the client, including guidance, help on functionalities, and problem solving. DCS's Help Desk is a pivotal point of communication and a knowledge centre in which a group of DCS employees work together to provide fast and qualified answers to the customer.

DCS's Help Desk solves problems such as interruptions, user errors, system errors, and other system related problems. We offer both basic services and specific services - adapted to the actual needs of the customer. The Help Desk is flexible so you can contact us whichever way is most convenient to you: e-mail, fax, or telephone.

With a starting point in DCS's extensive experience in customer support, we have gained competencies in all IT services. This ensures our customers a constantly high level of service particularly in combination with our continuous monitoring of the quality, the evaluation of both service levels and waiting times, and the highly qualified staff.

DCS's Help Desk is always able to solve problems fast, efficiently, and professionally.

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