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DCS Information Technology Consultants Limited was established in 1998 and aims to become a national class provider of IT services and products.

Our basic principle is the creation of a flexible company culture that offers our current and prospective customers/associates every IT service they need - in order to meet their current demands and foresee their future requirements.

This means that all deliveries from DCS Information Technology must be able to meet our customers' needs to such a degree that we become their preferred IT provider, consultant and indispensable associate.

The answer to our initial thoughts, concerning the profile of DCS Information Technology Consultants Ltd, was the creation of a company model according to the following distinct specifications:

  • Balanced management and methodical evolution of IT products & services.

  • Highly educated and skilled staff, with broad professional experience.

  • Constant investments on education and training. Opportunities for further staff training.

  • Internal focus on the fields of Analysis, Consultancy, Integration, Operations and Product Supply.

  • Total outsourcing procedures for external company activities.

  • Total outsourcing procedures to cover internal, non-strategic, functional company needs.

  • Diachronic, strategic alliances with important companies of the same field.

  • Minimization of IT products’ stock.

  • Implementation and continuous evaluation of procedures, in order to ensure qualitative solutions and results.

DCS Information Technology's long and broad experience within many different lines of business allows us to provide professional consultancy for one or all phases in the "IT value chain". DCS has accumulated an extremely strong competence within consultancy services and project management - a competence covering all aspects of a company's IT infrastructure.

We help our customers secure a competitive edge!

We know that our customers' competitiveness is often closely connected to the use of IT and that the right IT solution can be the decisive edge in a dynamic environment.

For DCS Information Technology it is important that we are able to help our customers secure a competitive edge. We therefore focus on a continuous evaluation of our services through professional measurements in order to obtain the required quality level and improvements.

This inter-active customer dialogue enables existing customers and us to combine – in a unique way – our business knowledge and experience with all aspects of the «IT value chain» - to the benefit of new. Offering at the same time a wide range of IT products and applications, with a reasonable cost!

Human Resources

Our shareholders and executives are highly qualified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of computer science.

Our employees solve large as well as small IT consulting tasks and are specialists in their specific areas. By utilizing and combining the knowledge that exists in the DCS Information Technology Group and with our external business partners we can provide an expert for a specific task in almost any situation. As a result we can provide ideal solutions, absolutely adapted to the needs of every customer.

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