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Sharing information and knowledge has become an all-important competitive parameter for companies worldwide. More and more documents will ONLY be available electronically and employees need to be able work on the same documents across the organisation at the same time. This places heavy demands on version management, access rights, logs, replication etc.

Text documents, pictures, technical drawings, web sites, graphics, e-mail etc. are just a few examples of the type of information included in a company's knowledge and document base. Many companies do not have systems that can handle, process and integrate this variety of document types, making it difficult for them to make optimum use of all the knowledge.

DCS has specialised in developing effective document management solutions based on well-known and thoroughly tested standard tools. Among the most widespread solutions are PC DOCS, JetForm and Lotus Notes. On top of this, DCS applies a unique concept to develop a powerful solution where all benefits of document management are integrated in a single Web-based user interface.

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