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One of DCS's specialist areas is a tailor-made interactive multimedia package for training. Especially within the areas:

  • IT system education
  • Company presentations
  • Security education

    Through a combination of sound, text, graphics, images, animations, video, interactivity - and by using each medium where it is most powerful - we design and produce the solution in accordance with the training objectives that we define in close co-operation with the customer. This allows for exciting training programs that are efficient and inspiring at the same time.

    The distribution media for these solutions is most often CD-ROM, however, they can also be made for Internet/intranet or as a combination (a so-called hybrid solution).

    The student can choose to take a 'guided tour' through the topics according to a defined order or choose to select specific topics through the navigator.

    The customer can choose to include different standard facilities, e.g.:

  • Glossary
  • Navigator
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • 'How to use the application'

    Apart from that, the customer can for instance choose to include one or more quizzes, which the student can use to get an impression of how much he or she has learned. The results from these quizzes can be treated, as the customer wants. They can for instance be stored and used to register the competence level of the employees.

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