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The DCS Group offers a wide assortment of hardware and software for PC and network installations - fully matching every customer's needs.

We can provide an array of hardware solutions from the leading international providers. These business solutions cover the whole phasma, ranging from complete PC workstations, servers and standard components to communication equipment such as routers and switches.

The DCS Group is able to supply any type of hardware for PC-based network solutions from servers, desktops and laptops to options for network solutions - from routers and switches to printers, scanners etc.

To secure the delivery of the right solutions, we work together with industry leaders. This means that the customer only has to contact one provider - no matter what his requirements are.

For home computer schemes, we offer a total concept providing answers to all the questions you have as to financing, legal aspects, communication, training, insurance etc. With this professional advisory service, the home computer scheme is a benefit to both the company and its staff.

We supply, install, integrate and customise software from the leading providers of office applications, workflow, knowledge sharing and communication.

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